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How to save for a car

How to save for a car Article 18 Nov 0

Being flush enough to buy a car upfront has its benefits. You won’t have to worry about interest or ongoing repayments, and you can usually negotiate a discount in exchange for paying the whole sum at once. If you have visions of slapping a wad of cash onto the table at the car dealership before driving off into the sunset, it all starts with a savings plan.

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When to ask for petrol money

When to ask for petrol money Article 14 Nov 0

Asking your mates for petrol money rates pretty high on the awkwardness scale – so much so that many drivers avoid it altogether. But are you justified in asking for petrol money, and if so, how should you go about it without sounding stingy?

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What it costs to own a vehicle

Although the purchase price of a vehicle may be written on a neon sign, other costs of owning a car are easier to overlook. Issues such as the loss in value that results from driving a new car out of the showroom, or the costly repairs if parts are difficult to come by, can really set you back.

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Do you need a car loan?

Do you need a car loan? Guide 04 Aug 0

Pulling together the money for a car is one of those all-important things they just don’t teach you in school. Taking out a loan to purchase a car is often not difficult – but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Ideally, you’ll avoid paying interest and increase your chances of negotiating a good deal by handing over cold, hard cash (or a bank cheque, as the case may be). But if you think you’ll need some borrowed help to finance your new car, there are a few things you should consider first. Then you need to decide what type of loan – if any – suits you. Read on for our guide to getting a car on finance.

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How to negotiate a car's price

For many people, negotiating money matters ranks fairly high on the list of nerve-wracking experiences. It’s also a necessary experience when you’re buying a car, at least if you want to get a good deal. Whether you’re buying your vehicle privately or from a sales yard, it can help to keep in mind that the seller most likely expects you to negotiate the price – in fact, often the price they give you will have been inflated in anticipation of you bargaining them down. But if you don’t ask, you won’t get – so arm yourself with this advice to help you confidently negotiate a good deal.

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