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New & Used Cars

Find your first project car

Find your first project car Article 02 Mar 0

The first project car that you buy yourself is something you’ll always remember. Make those memories good ones by choosing carefully, being organised and making the process enjoyable.

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9 signs of a good used car

9 signs of a good used car Article 20 Feb 1

You’re in the market for your dream car, not a car that will break down within a month. Make sure you get a good deal by making sure your potential ride shows these signs of a well-treated vehicle. It’s also a good idea to have the car checked out by a mechanic you trust before you agree to a price.

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Seven Tips To Help You Bid Like A Pro At Auction

Buying a car at auction is exciting, but it can be stressful for people who are new to the cut and thrust of making a big purchase under pressure. There are always those people who look like they were born to bid, who don’t even flinch when they raise the bid by huge sums – but they were once beginners, too. We’ve put together a few tips to help you ‘fake it until you make it’ at auction. Of course with online auction sites you can do this all from the comfort of your couch, which can make the process easier. In general these tips can be applied to both live and online auctions and help you make the best of any future purchases.

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The solar revolution

The solar revolution Article 13 Feb 0

Electric vehicles are good for the environment and, although the initial purchase price is currently high, it’s cheaper to charge an electric car than to pay for a tank of gas. But what will it take for the world to be ready for electric cars? We take a look at the high-tech solar power systems that are leading the way.

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The perks of buying new

The perks of buying new Article 29 Jan 0

Thanks to a stronger economy and some good deals, more new vehicles were sold last year than, well, ever. If you’re looking to join the ranks of new car owners, here are some pointers on finding the model that’s right for you.

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How safe is your car?

How safe is your car? Article 12 Dec 0

As safe as you may feel driving along in your vehicle, using a car is risky business. Luckily, modern car safety has been improving in leaps and bounds, including design features that limit the likelihood of injuries. As many car safety features are not obvious to the average driver,read on to discover some of the features that are helpfully built in to your car and could save your life.

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What to say when buying a car

Negotiating a deal on a car can be intimidating. If it’s a dealer, they’re probably a lot more comfortable and experienced in the situation than you are, and if it’s a private sale, you might wonder if they’ve had a flood of interest in their car already. But in reality, as a potential buyer you hold a lot of power in the negotiations. Have these tips and phrases at the ready to help ensure you get a good deal on your new vehicle.

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Safety: Staying in control

Car safety has come a long way in New Zealand. Advanced electronic car safety systems are used by nearly all major manufacturers and are now found in less expensive models. Car safety systems that assist drivers with maintaining control over their vehicles are not meant to replace responsible driving habits, but they have nevertheless made it possible for even an average driver to avoid crashes he or she would not have been able to avoid otherwise.

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Do you need a 4-wheel drive?

If you’re into the outdoors and tackling unexplored terrain, you might want a vehicle that can help you reach your destination. It only takes a short time spent off the beaten track to see the benefits of a vehicle that can go where your mum’s two-door hatchback will never be able to venture. But do you really need a vehicle that can make it through thick sand, gooey mud and slippery conditions – or are you more inclined to stick to the smooth roads of the city?

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Should you buy new or used?

Just as it’s your choice if you find your clothes in a chain store or sport second-hand threads from the thrift shop, whether you buy a new or used car depends on what’s important to you. To help you make a decision, we’ve spelled out the advantages of each below. Note that although the list in favour of buying new is longer, some of the advantages of buying a used car are significant.

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Getting your vehicle valued

When buying a car, you want to make sure you pay a fair market value – or even better, that you’re getting a bargain. If you’re the seller, you want to ensure you get the best price, without pitching so high that you scare away customers.

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Importing used vehicles

Importing used vehicles Guide 07 Aug 0

Maybe you’ve found your dream car, or perhaps you can import a car cheaper yourself from overseas. Whatever your reason for importing a vehicle into New Zealand, you want to get it right – otherwise it could be a costly mistake. The process can be lengthy and you want to make sure you have all the correct documentation.

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Buying a classic car

Buying a classic car Guide 07 Aug 1

If owning a classic car is on your bucket list, make sure you do your research first. It might be great driving around town, turning heads everywhere you go, but there is often a cost – literally! Owning a classic car isn’t cheap, and it’s important to consider more than just the initial purchase price. Maintenance, repairs and the cost of obtaining replacement parts can really hit your wallet. If you’re game, use our guide to find the right classic car for you.

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Paperwork for selling your car

Someone has made an offer on your car, and you’ve accepted. Great! But before you celebrate, you’ve got the paperwork and legal stuff to deal with. For your own peace of mind, make sure you know what paperwork you need to file – and what your legal obligations are – ahead of time.

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Should you allow a test drive?

It’s not every day you let a stranger drive off in your car, and many people have concerns when handing their keys over for a test drive. However, although there’s a risk involved in letting someone take your car for a drive, a few sensible precautions should ensure that you don’t run into any problems. Here are seven tips to help keep your car – and you – safe.

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Selling your car privately

If your relationship with your car has reached the end of the road, it’s time to find prospective suitors to court your vehicle. You can list your car on online auction sites, or go low-tech and put a sign in the window or insert a classified advertisement in a newspaper. The approach you take depends on what you’re comfortable with, but the guidelines below will help you find the right match.

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How to sell your car

How to sell your car Guide 04 Aug 0

We all want to get the best price when selling a vehicle – but this can require a little effort. The New Zealand AA suggests a four-point plan for the sale of your vehicle. These steps will help the process run smoothly and get you a good result.

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Buying a car: What to do next

Buying a new car is exciting. You’ve searched hard, done your research, and (hopefully) got a good deal. But the purchase of a car also comes with some responsibilities. Do some preliminary checks before buying a used car, and make sure you get the necessary paperwork done immediately after purchase, to save you headaches later on.

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Getting a pre-purchase inspection

Do you know your transmission from your carburetor? If your vehicle knowledge isn't up to scratch and your car-mad friend is busy, an independent vehicle inspection can help sort the reliable cars from those that will guzzle up your savings with endless trips to the mechanic.

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How to buy a car that's safe

The average age of a car on New Zealand roads is 13 years (pretty old once you convert that to human years). But that doesn't mean you should have to compromise on safety. It's a fact that some vehicles are safer than others, and this directly impacts both the likelihood of an accident, and the damage to occupants and pedestrians if a crash occurs. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

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What car should you buy?

What car should you buy? Guide 04 Aug 1

Buying a vehicle is a big decision. In many cases you'll be laying down some serious cash to get a safe, reliable set of wheels. So well before you look at putting down a deposit, you need to decide what you need. The possibilities are endless, which makes it all the more important to start defining what the key items are on your wish list. This will help to narrow your scope when you're bombarded with options, and allow you to focus on finding the right vehicle.

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