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Should you buy new or used?

Should you buy new or used?

Just as it’s your choice if you find your clothes in a chain store or sport second-hand threads from the thrift shop, whether you buy a new or used car depends on what’s important to you. To help you make a decision, we’ve spelled out the advantages of each below. Note that although the list in favour of buying new is longer, some of the advantages of buying a used car are significant.

Advantages of buying a new vehicle

Made to order

Buy a new car, and you can usually get it just how you like it – at a price of course. Go crazy and choose the interior and exterior options that suit you best. The variations available will depend on the car you're after.

It's unused

A new car doesn’t carry the legacy of a previous owner. You know it hasn’t been involved in an accident, and it doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear. Everything works as it should, and there are no nasty surprises later.


The warranty that comes with a new car will always be the best – although warranties are often available for used vehicles too.

Latest technology

Multimedia options and navigation interfaces are constantly being improved. Purchase a new car and you will get the latest technology. Otherwise, you will have to buy these things separately.


Car safety is more important than ever, and this is reflected by much tougher car safety regulations. Automakers are forced to improve the way they build vehicles as a result. Some safety features are mandated, while others are becoming more common on cheaper vehicles as the costs of producing them fall.

Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions

Also partly as a result of legislation, cars are becoming more efficient as well as more powerful. Diesel vehicles are now cleaner than ever, and hybrid cars are growing in number in various parts of the world.


Financing rates on newer vehicles are often lower, due to the greater value of the car (asset).


New cars often include a maintenance schedule in the purchase price. This usually applies for a certain time period, or for a certain mileage travelled. This is especially so for the more luxurious brands.

Finding the right car

Buy a new car, and you can often leave it up to the salesman to source the right make and model for you. Choose to go the ‘used’ route, and you can spend a lot of time and money searching for the car yourself – on the internet, visiting private sellers and yards, and taking test drives.

Advantages of buying a used vehicle


A used car will always be cheaper than its new equivalent.


Cars lose value all the time, but they lose value fastest just after they leave the showroom. This is not a problem for used cars. You don’t have to worry too much either about the effects of minor damage to the value, as the vehicle probably arrived with a few imperfections.

Insurance rates

Insurance tends to be cheaper for a used vehicle.


You can’t order the car exactly to your needs, but if you hunt around you may find something which is no longer available new.

There are lots of things to consider when buying a car – so take your time, weigh up all the pros and cons, and you will hopefully find a car you can be proud of for years to come.

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