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Road Safety Information

Beat driving fatigue

Beat driving fatigue Article 24 Mar 0

It’s not really the case that gaining or losing an hour of sleep at daylight savings time will completely screw up your body clock. It’s like how you can still function perfectly well the next day when you stay up a little late watching House of Cards. But when the clocks shift, it can still leave you a bit out-of-sorts – especially when the evenings are darker than you’re used to. The earlier sunset tells your body it’s time to start shutting down for the day, so can leave you more vulnerable to fatigue. Here’s how to make sure you stay safe and alert on the roads.

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Are you a good driver?

Are you a good driver? Article 16 Mar 0

On a scale of one to ten, where would you rank your driving skills? If you went for a seven or above, you’re not alone. Here’s why most of us think our driving is better than that of most people, and how to balance out this tendency in order to be safer on the roads.

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How to deal with bad drivers

How to deal with bad drivers Article 11 Mar 0

Even under the best conditions, you have more than enough to think about when you’re driving – and add inconsiderate or aggressive drivers into the mix and it’s much more likely that you’ll have an accident. The best way to deal with bad drivers is to have a strategy for staying calm and collected. Take note of our tips for staying safe when other drivers aren't.

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Safety items to keep in your car

While there’s no need to pack your boot like you’ll be living in your car for a week, there are some items that can really come in handy when something goes wrong. Keep these items in your vehicle and you’ll be covered for all kinds of tricky situations.

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Back-to-school road safety tips

Many young people returned to school today after their summer break, making it even more important to take care when you’re driving around. Children aren’t always easy to spot, so staying safe in school zones is about taking precautions to ensure you can stop quickly if necessary. Here’s what to look out for so you can help keep students safe on the streets.

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Road rules you might not know

There are the road rules you put into practice every day, and then there are those that you may have rote-learned for your licence test but now can’t quite remember the details of. Here are some rules that are either lesser-known, or at least the kind of rules many drivers seem to break. Got any more to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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Don’t overtake like a ninja

You may want to be a productivity ninja, have ninja-like skills with Twitter keyboard shortcuts, or be able to hang upside-down from the ceiling. But when it comes to driving, you don’t want to overtake like a ninja. There is no worse time to be stealthy; you want everyone to know you’re there. Are there some gaps in your overtaking knowledge? Step up your driving skills with these tips.

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How to be a good passenger

Not to be a downer, but being a good passenger involves more than just getting in the car and staring out the window. At their worst, passengers can distract or annoy the driver, or even cause damage to the car. While young children have a free pass, if you’re old enough to take responsibility for putting on your own seat belt, it’s a good idea to also take responsibility for how fun you are to drive with.

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Steps to avoid road rage

Steps to avoid road rage Article 17 Dec 0

A quick search on news websites will tell you that road rage is a real problem. Whether you’re the type to get worked up while driving or always manage to keep your cool, knowing how to avoid and prevent road rage from reaching boiling point is a driving skill that can save you time, stress and money.

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Should tourists sit a driving test?

A string of road crashes involving tourists has re-ignited the debate over whether it should be made more difficult for tourists to drive on New Zealand roads. Is it time for the laws around foreign motorists to change?

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Keeping your child safe

Keeping your child safe Article 27 Nov 0

The rules for keeping children safe in a vehicle have changed in recent years. Make sure your child is as safe as possible with this guide to child restraints.

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5 ways to avoid accidents

5 ways to avoid accidents Article 20 Nov 0

When it comes to avoiding a car crash, sticking to the road rules isn’t enough. Even if you consider yourself a safe driver, to keep your car dent-free you’ll also need to prevent other drivers from ruining your no-insurance-claim streak. Here’s your cheat-sheet for avoiding costly accidents.

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How to cope with traffic jams

Sitting in traffic doesn’t fit many people’s definition of fun. But there are ways to reduce how much traffic jams impact on your day. Read on for tips on how to lower your chance of getting stuck in traffic, and what to do if you can’t escape the gridlock.

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What to do in an accident

What to do in an accident Article 04 Nov 0

No matter how slick your driving skills are, most motorists will be part of a collision at some point. If you know in advance what you need to do, it will help you feel more calm and collected. You'll also avoid creating more of a problem for yourself, such as by forgetting to take down a crucial detail. Here’s our guide for handling a car accident.

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Road safety tips for Halloween

Halloween means young trick-or-treaters will be roaming the streets, searching for candy in the dim light of dusk. With a higher likelihood of small children darting out from behind parked cars or crossing the street without looking, it’s a good idea to take extra care when driving around. Here’s how to stay safe on the roads this Halloween.

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How to plan a great road trip

You might dream of chucking a few items in a backpack and setting off with some friends to an unplanned destination. But unfortunately, life is not an Enid Blyton adventure series, and a lack of planning increases the chance that things won’t go as you hoped. Whatever sense of fun sparked by your spontaneity, it could easily be outweighed by booked-out accommodation or swarms of mosquitoes that have been waiting for someone to forget the repellent. Rather than see planning as a chore, use it to maximise your enjoyment of the trip – at least half the fun of any road trip lies in the anticipation.

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Driving safely in New Zealand

While most car rides are completed without incident, there are still too many accidents on New Zealand roads. Even if you obey the road rules, strap on your seat belt and never drink and drive, there is still more you can do to prevent a crash. The New Zealand Automobile Association has identified these simple tips to help you reach your destination safely.

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Tips for young drivers

Tips for young drivers Guide 07 Aug 0

Driving is a complex skill that can take years to master, and if you're a young driver, the statistics are against you. Young motorists are most at risk of an accident, as they often lack the judgement of older, more experienced drivers. Young drivers in New Zealand are disproportionately likely to be injured or killed in a road crash. However, young or inexperienced drivers are less likely to have an accident if they take time to work on their skills in a way that's safe for them and others.

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Dealing with the weather

Dealing with the weather Guide 07 Aug 0

There’s an old joke in New Zealand: If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes. The temperate, maritime climate is prone to rapidly changing weather extremes, which can make driving more challenging. This is particularly the case on open roads – so if you’re used to driving in the city, take note of these tips from the NZTA to help keep you safe on New Zealand’s highways in extreme weather conditions.

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Avoiding driver fatigue

Avoiding driver fatigue Guide 04 Aug 0

Research shows that a tired driver and a drunk driver have a similar chance of having an accident. But while most people make a point not to drive after drinking, tiredness isn’t always seen for the danger it is. Fatigue doesn’t just mean falling asleep while driving; it can also mean tiredness, weariness, jetlag or exhaustion from not getting enough shut-eye over a period of time.

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