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Vehicle Licensing

A guide to Road User Charges

It’s easy to take the roads for granted – after all, they’ve been there as long as you can remember. But those smooth, well-marked roads require a lot of money and effort to keep them that way. That’s why everyone who uses New Zealand’s roads contributes to their maintenance. Most of us pay levies, which are included in the price of petrol. However, if you own a light diesel vehicle, or a heavy-powered diesel vehicle or truck, you will have to pay Road User Charges (RUC).

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Licensing your vehicle

Licensing your vehicle Guide 07 Aug 1

When you’re cruising around in your very own car, it can be easy to forget that owning a vehicle comes with obligations. Sure, you can decide what music to play and whether to pick up that hitchhiker who hasn’t shaved for a month – but there are some things you can’t get out of, and licensing is one of them. This is a compulsory fee that every vehicle owner must pay to drive on New Zealand roads.

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