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Saving petrol in cold weather

Just as winter can see you heading to the pantry more often, cold weather can also make your car use fuel more quickly and increase your petrol bill. To soften the blow, try these tips to improve your car’s fuel economy.

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Do fuel-efficient tyres work?

Tyres don’t tend to look too fancy, but nowadays they can get pretty high-tech. Good tyres can improve safety, traction and performance – and even save you petrol. Here’s what you need to know about fuel-efficient tyres.

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When to ask for petrol money

When to ask for petrol money Article 14 Nov 0

Asking your mates for petrol money rates pretty high on the awkwardness scale – so much so that many drivers avoid it altogether. But are you justified in asking for petrol money, and if so, how should you go about it without sounding stingy?

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Petrol, diesel or LPG?

Petrol, diesel or LPG? Guide 07 Aug 1

When you’re choosing a new vehicle, it can seem like there are endless options to navigate through. One thing to factor into your decision making is the pros and cons of buying a car powered by petrol, diesel or LPG. Generally, a large vehicle doing high mileage would benefit from being diesel powered, while a small car is more economical if it’s petrol or LPG powered. But there are many factors to consider – not just price – and not always one right answer.

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Why your fuel costs are going up

All motorists are at the mercy of fuel prices, but sometimes fluctuations in prices at the pumps can seem unpredictable. In fact, there are a number of factors that influence world fuel prices. These include the world economy, the strength of the New Zealand dollar compared to other currencies, and the various taxes levied on fuel by the New Zealand Government. If you’re looking to find out why fuel prices rise or fall in New Zealand and some of the contentious issues surrounding fuel prices, read on – if nothing else, it’s a great topic to slot up your sleeve for when you need to sound intelligent at dinner parties.

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How to use less fuel

How to use less fuel Guide 07 Aug 0

Fuel prices can seem to be constantly rising. You can’t control the price at the pump, but there are many tricks that can reduce your car's thirst and see you handing over less cash at the petrol station. Here’s how to become a fuel-saving machine – it isn’t as hard as it may sound, and you should find that not only will you reach your destination, you'll have more money to spend when you get there.

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