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Avoid being overcharged by panel beaters

Finding a good panel beater who doesn’t charge half the price of the original car can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Use our eight pointers to pick the perfect panel beating professional so both your vehicle and your wallet get the care they need.

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How to replace your headlights

Changing a lightbulb in a car can look like quite a challenge – it’s likely the compartment is tucked away and you’ve never come across it before. But you don’t always need a mechanic to do these small jobs on your vehicle. If you buy the parts and do the small jobs by yourself, you can save a lot of money each year on car maintenance.

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Why your car needs servicing

It’s more important than ever to get your car serviced regularly. Many New Zealand vehicles now only need a Warrant of Fitness once a year instead of every six months, so taking ownership of the performance, safety and wellbeing of your motor vehicle really does rest with you. Here, the experts from Auto Super Shoppes explain why seeing your mechanic less often isn’t necessarily a good thing – and what you can do to keep your car at its best.

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Protect your car in hot weather

Long days, hot sun, road trips – what’s not to love about summer? But UV rays and heat can damage your car's youthful good looks. Remember the effect of the sun is cumulative – you won’t necessarily notice fading or other damage straight away, but over time, protecting your car from the heat can make a big difference.

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10 things you need in your garage

Even if you know your way around an engine, car repairs can easily fall into the too-hard basket for amateur mechanics. Modern vehicles are becoming more complex, and it's increasingly hard to perform even basic repairs without some training up your sleeve. But while many automotive repairs should be left to professionals, there are several things you can do if you have an older car, or one that is not under guarantee - and having the right tools on hand can make all the difference.

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How to store your car

How to store your car Guide 07 Aug 1

You clean your car regularly, take it to be serviced and drive around knowing your insurance will cover you if something goes wrong. But it’s not just when you’re out and about that your car can be damaged – your vehicle can also suffer if it’s not protected during those times you’re not using it.

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Sail through your next service

Most cars get a lot of use over a year. That means it’s a good idea to book in for an annual service. But good car maintenance starts at home, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure your car is road-worthy in between professional check-ups.

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Are your tyres safe?

Are your tyres safe? Guide 07 Aug 1

Looking after your tyres means a smoother, safer ride, and will save you money in the long run. Here are three things to keep an eye on if you want to keep your wheels in good nick.

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Looking after your suspension

While you’re zipping from place to place in your car, it’s easy to forget how unpleasant the drive would be without good suspension. The suspension connects the vehicle’s body to the wheels – keeping the car in one piece. Those bouncing movements caused when the car is in motion are also smoothed out. This makes your ride a lot more comfortable and stable, and is also essential to the safety of your car. Here’s how to keep it on track.

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7 signs your gearbox needs help

Like a shy middle child, the transmission is often overlooked by vehicle owners – perhaps because it doesn’t require servicing as often as the engine. But considering it’s one of the most expensive parts of a vehicle to repair, how do you know when it’s time to get your gearbox looked at? Here are seven signs that the transmission in your vehicle is crying out for attention.

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How to rotate your tyres

How to rotate your tyres Guide 07 Aug 0

Tyres cost a lot of money, yet their maintenance is often ignored. Rotating your car's tyres will extend their lifetime and save you money. You can save even more if you do the work yourself – it's an easy 15 minute job.

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How to change your engine oil

Most of us take the car to the garage for an oil change – but with some knowledge under your belt, you can tick this task off at home. Let us walk you through it.

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Caring for your classic car

A classic car is a lot of fun to travel in. It might not be as fast as a younger model, but you’ll get to enjoy admiring looks as you cruise the country in style. But whereas modern cars are well designed to provide years of trouble-free motoring, classic cars often need a little extra TLC.

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How to service your car at home

Cars give us freedom. They provide convenience and comfort as we travel to our destination. But you should never take your car for granted. If you care for your car, it will likely take good care of you. Here are some basic steps every car owner should follow to ensure the relationship between you and your car is as lasting one.

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How to clean inside your car

No matter how shiny your car is on the outside, it won’t make up for a feral interior. A clean interior doesn’t just look great, it makes travelling in your vehicle a much more pleasant and healthy experience – and with proper care, the inside of your car can look good for years. If your friends won’t get in your vehicle without a pack of anti-bacterial wipes to hand, follow these seven steps for a pristine car interior. Just a little elbow grease and an hour of your time will get your ride squeaky-clean.

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6 steps to polishing your car

Sometimes a clean car isn’t enough. If you really want your pride and joy to shine, it’s worth employing some tricks used by the experts. Follow these six steps for a car that looks so good, you could invite the Queen aboard without an upturned nose in sight.

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How to clean your car

How to clean your car Guide 07 Aug 0

A clean car helps you make a great impression. Maybe you want to be able to pick your friends up without apologising for the grime, or perhaps you want to protect the paintwork. Either way, sometimes the hose in the driveway just isn't enough. To give your car a thorough clean, make sure you have the right products and materials to hand and follow these tips from the professionals.

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How to change your air filter

Most people take the car to the garage for the air filter to be changed, at the same time as the oil. But you may be surprised to learn that this is something you can do yourself at home – in fact, it’s one of the easiest tasks you can perform on your car. Follow the steps below and wonder why you ever paid a mechanic to do it.

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How to change a car tyre

How to change a car tyre Guide 07 Aug 0

A flat tyre is a major inconvenience – and it can happen at any time, anywhere. Knowing how to change a flat tyre yourself is a great skill, and ensures your car will be up and running again quickly. Fortunately, it’s not usually a difficult task. Here are the steps to have up your sleeve so you don't have to flag down strangers on the street or wait around for Roadside Rescue.

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Caring for your car windows

Autoglass is one of the superheroes of motoring. Designed with safety in mind, it protects you from various hazards you might encounter when driving around. To help the glass do its job and keep it well away from kryptonite, here’s how you can care for your windscreen and windows.

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