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The pros of parking sensors

Knowing how to park a car is one of the basic skills of learning to drive. Some find it comes quite naturally, while others can struggle with it for years after earning their licence. If spacial awareness isn't your strong point or you go out of your way to avoid having to parallel park, you might choose to make it easier for yourself with parking sensors.

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Are radar detectors legal?

Exceeding the speed limit in New Zealand can be costly. Besides increasing the chance of an accident, there are also severe fines and penalties for those caught speeding. To avoid these, many drivers invest in a radar detector. This device senses when a police car (equipped with speed-measuring equipment) is nearby and emits an alarm, warning you to slow down. Sounds useful, but some people worry that fitting a radar detector is also likely to land you in the bad books with the police.

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Should you get GPS in your car?

Gone are the days of squinting at the fading pages of an old map. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is becoming increasingly common in vehicles these days, and it can certainly earn its keep and make getting around a whole lot easier.

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Buying a car stereo

Buying a car stereo Article 07 Aug 0

The only thing better than cruising the streets in your very own car is driving around listening to your favourite sounds. A car stereo that only plays cassette tapes or requires you to pull over in order to safely switch songs can seriously limit your driving experience – so if music is one of your must-haves, here’s what to look for.

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