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What your car colour means

What your car colour means Article 07 Apr 1

With a world of choice available when it comes to cars, it isn't surprising to learn that the colour of your vehicle can give clues about your character.

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Ways to personalise your car

Ways to personalise your car Article 01 Dec 0

A car straight from the factory can look a little boring. After all, the manufacturer was trying to appeal to the masses, but now you own your car you might want it to appeal more to, well, you. Read on for tips on how to personalise your vehicle without looking like you never quite got over The Fast and the Furious.

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Tinting your car windows

Tinting your car windows Article 04 Sep 2

Like choosing a tattoo, getting your car windows tinted is a personal thing. Maybe you want to use a vinyl graphic to advertise your business, or display your love of Garfield by having his image eclipse your rear window. Maybe you want to feel like James Bond when you drive to work. But for all the legitimate reasons to tint your car windows, there are rules about what you can and can’t do. To help you work out whether or not your plans fall within the regulations, here’s our guide to tinting your car windows.

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The pros of parking sensors

Knowing how to park a car is one of the basic skills of learning to drive. Some find it comes quite naturally, while others can struggle with it for years after earning their licence. If spacial awareness isn't your strong point or you go out of your way to avoid having to parallel park, you might choose to make it easier for yourself with parking sensors.

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Are radar detectors legal?

Exceeding the speed limit in New Zealand can be costly. Besides increasing the chance of an accident, there are also severe fines and penalties for those caught speeding. To avoid these, many drivers invest in a radar detector. This device senses when a police car (equipped with speed-measuring equipment) is nearby and emits an alarm, warning you to slow down. Sounds useful, but some people worry that fitting a radar detector is also likely to land you in the bad books with the police.

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Upgrading your exhaust system

If you like your car but it could use a little more grunt, installing a sports exhaust upgrade might do the trick. Not only could this upgrade improve power, it can also be more efficient and help extend the life of your engine. Here’s how to tell if it’s a good choice for your vehicle.

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Should you lower your car?

Having engine power you can’t use is like hoarding a pile of broken TVs in your living room – depressing and pointless. If you’ve made changes to your car’s engine performance, you will likely want to modify the suspension as well. Improved suspension will help you put that increased performance to work – safely.

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Want to modify your car?

Want to modify your car? Guide 07 Aug 1

It goes without saying that you want your car to run at its best. But sometimes manufacturers make compromises to a car’s performance in order to make it easier to sell. The good news is you can modify many parts of your car to improve performance, and some changes won’t even lead to increased fuel consumption.

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