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Master your commute

Master your commute Article 13 Jan 1

Research shows a long commute to work can be kryptonite for your life satisfaction. But short of moving house or changing jobs, is there anything you can do to improve on the soul-destroying experience of sitting in traffic for an hour every morning and every night? Of course there is.

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Rent a car for free

Rent a car for free Guide 24 Nov 0

How does free use of a rental car sound? Transfercar connects travellers with rental cars that they can use for free, in return for helping the rental car industry to relocate vehicles more cheaply than they could otherwise. Hundreds of cars need to be moved each week, to a variety of destinations.

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Here's why you should carpool

Rush-hour traffic is one of the great frustrations of modern times. But many Kiwis are now choosing to carpool, and conquering the pitfalls of their commute at the same time.

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Taxis: Steps to stay safe

Taxis: Steps to stay safe Article 08 Sep 0

If you’ve ever waited at a cold bus stop or pushed for a seat on the train, you’ll appreciate the convenience and comfort of a taxi. They collect you when you're ready, and drive you straight to your destination. Taxis are also generally a safe way to get around, so are a good option if you’re travelling on your own or need to get home after having one too many drinks after work. However, it’s important to take steps to keep yourself safe when using taxis. Take note of these practical tips to ensure you arrive safe and relaxed.

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What is Uber?

What is Uber? Guide 07 Aug 0

Uber is taking the transport world by storm. It’s not a taxi, and it’s not a rental car – it’s an ‘on-demand’ car hire service that has revolutionised the way people view getting around the world’s major cities. Promoting itself as “everyone’s private driver”, Uber does have car rental agencies and taxi companies worried.

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Choosing a limousine

Choosing a limousine Guide 04 Aug 0

Some occasions call for an extra-special mode of transport. Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary or a party, one way to ensure you get noticed is to travel by limousine. If you want to be the centre of attention at a big event, here’s how to choose the right limousine service for your big entrance.

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