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Get a good rental car deal

Get a good rental car deal

03 04 15

Last-minute preparations for a long weekend getaway are underway all throughout New Zealand. Have you thought about hiring a car to make ‘getting there’ less of a stress? If you want to get the best deal you can on a rental car here’s a few points to save you time and money.

Plan ahead

  • Long weekends are a busy time of the year for rental companies as many people take advantage of the long weekend. Planning ahead will also mean you have a better chance of getting a car that suits your needs. A family holiday with the kids, parents and in-laws means you may need something a little bigger than your standard coupe. An eight-seater people mover or even a minibus might be more your speed and a huge variety of cars, utes, trucks and vans are available for hire.

Research and budget

  • Do the math and you’ll be surprised. Flying to your holiday destination and renting a car once you’ve arrived can save you money and time – just think of all the extra things you’ll be able to do!
  • When you are flying to new cities and exploring places far from home, renting a car can also give you the freedom to do things at your leisure rather than having to stick to a tour schedule or wait around for public transport. It can also be a cost effective way to see the sights. Make sure you make the most of the time and money you have on your holiday by exploring all your options. Even if you aren’t flying, renting a car can sometimes be better than taking your own vehicle. It will lower the costs of maintenance, wear and repair and if your car is an older model, you can also save money on petrol.

Compare your options and reserve your car in advance

  • Companies like Hireace and Bargain Rentals have dedicated ‘specials pages’ where you can find deals and discounts each week. Shop around to find the best deal available.
  • Compare the different prices and talk to the customer service team about your needs, they usually have a solution that will suit your needs.
  • Reserve the car you want as early as possible to ensure you get the best deal and the exact model vehicle to suits your needs. The earlier you book a rental car, the better the deal will be and the less chance you will be stuck with the least desirable models.

Plan again!

  • The roads will also be busier than usual on a long weekend so it’s wise to ensure you have an insurance policy in place to cover you in case a bump or accident interrupts your journey. Quality rental car companies offer 24-hour roadside assistance by organisations like the Automobile Association (AA), as well to protect their assets and help you in case of a breakdown en route.
  • Heading out of the city and away from main arterial roads can lead you down narrow, hilly, winding or gravel roads, which can be enough to challenge the most confident drivers. Be sure that when you book your vehicle that you (and any other nominated drivers) will be happy to drive that car along the route you plan on travelling. Renting a Ute 4x4 (with a double cab for the kids) can be a great idea for more adventurous travellers wanting to get off the beaten track. 
  • Always check the weather and tides whenever you are driving along a new road. A change in weather conditions can be much more dramatic if you aren’t familiar with the terrain.

So the golden rules for getting the best deal on a car hire this long weekend are:

  • Plan as far in advance as you can
  • Research your needs and work out a budget
  • Compare your options – shop around
  • Reserve your vehicle
  • Finally, plan again just to be on the safe side.

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